Svilen Dimchevski

Welcome. My name is Svilen Dimchevski and I'm a professional graphic/web designer and keen photographer based in Sofia, Bulgaria. I've spent most of my teens studying drawing and English. I have a degree in Graphic Design & Multimedia. More than anything I'm passionate about the creative process and I love what I do.

I've worked for different companies the most significant among which are (USA) and LagOS (Italy). I've dealt with broad range of projects and time frames. I respect my clients and I like to involve them in the creative process as I believe we are both responsible for the end result. I strive to deliver the best possible solution on schedule. In the end it's all about making something I can be proud of and that shows my ability to communicate through design.

What I can do for you:

  • Creative & Art Direction
  • W3C Standards-Compliant Website
  • Semantic & SEO friendly coding
  • Logo + Brand Identity
  • Print + Package Design
  • Business Cards, Invitations, Posters
  • Interactive Design & Development

Let's get in touch

Whether you're looking for a professional to do the job or just wanting to talk to someone passionate about design and art as I am, feel free to email me directly on sd[at] has been featured on: