Picutel Smart Resize

Sep 11th, 2007 | Posted by Dimchevski in Cool Stuff, Photoshop

Picutel Smart Resize is a Photoshop plugin for advanced photo resizing I found shortly after my posting about content-aware image resizing. It's easy and works great! You simply select the important regions to be preserved, type the new dimensions in the plugin dialog (file/automate/smart resize) and press OK.

I've tested the plugin with the following image (500x375 px):


Resizing the image in Photoshop with the standard Image Resize to 375x375 px (constrain proportions deselected) brought some distortion and the image looks awful.

photoshop image resize

Then I opened the same original image but this time I used the Picutel Smart Resize (after making a selection around the girl and the boat). As you can see below no distortion occured and the image looks great!

smart resize

Finally I decided to push the image even further by changing its size from 500x375 to 375x500 pixels transforming the image from horizontal to vertical one.

smart resize

I have to say it's a great breakthrough in image resizing! It's not perfect and in some cases you'll need to do some cloning and healing but it's a promising new technology and I wonder what will Adobe come up with.

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