Content-Aware Image Resizing!

Sep 7th, 2007 | Posted by Dimchevski in Cool Stuff, Photoshop

Make sure to watch this amazing video presented by Dr. Ariel Shamir and Dr. Shai Avidan. I was really blown away! The two have found a way to resize images in an intelligent way based on their content. It seems they can change the proportions of an image without artifacts and unnaturally tall or short objects. They demonstrate how one can continuosly resize an image, shrinking it in a non-uniform manner while preserving its features or extending it beyond its original size. This is accomplished by rescaling only the least or not so important regions of an image, leaving the more interesting regions untouched.

I wonder if this could be done at a server or PHP level. If it's possible we wont need to wait for browsers to catch up. Adding this would be a very feasible way of gettng this into the web without waiting years for browser support.

This is some real innovation and I can't wait (as John Nack recently announced on his blog that Adobe has hired Shai Avidan, the co-developer of the amazing technology) to see this included in Photoshop CS4!

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